Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company Negotiations Update:

LM Aero and the Union negotiations team have been meeting since May 10 in bargaining of a new contract (collective bargaining agreement).  We typically meet at the table to exchange proposals and counters on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and work on counters on Tuesday and Thursday.  The negotiations are very intense and include changes to almost all wording and Articles in our current contract.

The Company is proposing such things as: the same type of very strict Attendance Control Policy that they have already negotiated with the four other bargaining units at the plant; changes to all job descriptions including the combination of several job classifications; deleting many Memorandums  of Understanding and letters of agreement such as the elimination of being able to "make-up time"; and weakening the right to keep salaried employees from doing represented work, to name a few very onerous proposals.  Of course, the Union is countering all of these proposals but this is a very serious and tough negotiations.

We have not even discussed economics yet.  More to come as negotiations unfold.
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