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Our union is made up of over 10000 professionals working in various sectors across the United States and New Zealand. Local 277 represents clerical and technical employees in aircraft manufacturing, banking and the insurance industries as well as insurance agents, book sellers, nonprofit employees, administrative assistants, and many others who have joined together to improve their workplaces. As members of the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) Local 277, we have a say in the terms of our employment and are able to solidify our pay, benefits, and working conditions in a contract that can’t be changed without mutual agreement.


Towing is a OPEIU 277 members only benefit.  Please be aware that if you are not a dues paying member, you will be refused the towing service.


Member Spotlight
Local 277 member, Lou Nell Busby, rallies in support of the PRO Act. 

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  • From Our Members 

    "I have seen my union, OPEIU Local 277, go over and above when it comes to serving the community. They have bought back packs and school supplies for children that are low income, buy bikes for children for Christmas, and give to various organizations to help people in need.  I am proud of my union on the local and international level." 

    DeAundra Cephus 
  • From Our Members 

    "People should be able to live comfortably in this world. Unions protect all those necessities to live comfortably through wages and benefits. I'm a proud unionist 33 years ago, now, and always.

    Linda Gonzalez 

Higher Pay

We’ve used our collective power to negotiate for minimum salaries, progressive wage scales, and guaranteed general wage increases to ensure we earn a fair return on our work. Union members earn 20 percent higher wages on average as a result of their ability to negotiate with employers for tools like these that improve pay. Some of our specific examples include:

● OPEIU Local 277 members at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company secured substantial annual general wage increases, automatic progressions, and signing bonuses

● As members of Local 277, insurance agents contracted with American Income Life (AIL) and National Income Life (NILICO) enjoy upfront contract compensation, automatic contract progressions, and vesting of earned commissions.

● Local 277 members at BluCurrent successfully negotiated improvements to their minimum hourly and annual wages as well as additional performance based incentives.

● Members employed by American Income Life’s Home Office secured substantial wage increases over the life of their contract.

Better Benefits

As OPEIU Local 277 members, we have a say in the benefits we receive. We’ve negotiated with our employers to achieve better healthcare plans with lower out-of-pocket costs and retirement security.

● Local 277 has negotiated an industry leading insurance reimbursement in the form of earned additional commissions for those members that are contracted with AIL and NILICO.

● Members employed at American Income Life’s Home Office enjoyed significant increases to their defined benefit plan, increased life insurance benefits, and increased scholarship benefits for themselves and their children.

● Members at Lockheed Martin secured increases to their defined benefit plan as well as to their defined contribution plan.

● The OPEIU National Retirement Savings Plan remains a competitive option when bargaining contracts with employers.

Work-Life Balance

We know that constant engagement with work can lead to burnout and harm productivity, which is why we’ve negotiated for workplace policies to restore work-life balance. We’ve improved work-life balance by securing more paid vacations, paid family and medical leave, and flexible work schedules.

● Members at Lockheed Martin are able to take advantage of 5/40, 9/80 and 4/10 schedules to accommodate their needs.

● Members employed at American Income Life have strong catastrophic leave policies in addition to sick and vacation time.

● Many of our contracts provide for flex-time or make up time.

● OPEIU also provides free online college and low cost degree programs to help working professionals continue their education.

When you go union, you strengthen your voice in the workplace.